Aequissim is an independent consultancy specialised in raising funds and supporting companies, addressing sustainability, social responsibility, diversity and climate change – with a focus on innovation
Established in 2011, Aequissim has access to a global network and offers:
Aequissim establishes strong and longstanding relationships, with a profound understanding
of client objectives.



Established relationships and experience within the financial sector is the common denominator of Aequissim's team and Advisory Board. We understand what funders and investors are looking for and who they are, and can help shape business plans and Investment Memorandums, with the aim of capitalising on attractive investment opportunities, raising capital and successfully closing deals.

Business Intelligence & Cross Border Development

We provide the knowledge and contacts needed to grow. With a far-reaching global network that understands language barriers and cultural differences, fluency in English, Dutch, French, Italian, German and Mandarin, the Aequissim team fosters conversations and gets results, around the world.

Joint Ventures and Mergers & Acquisitions

We regularly support Mergers and Acquisitions transactions, utilising our international network to match buyers and sellers, and provide expert advice to execute our clients’ mandates.